About me

Tim Rice – I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist licensed to practice by the FL Dept. of Health

My story is not unique. Over the course of my lifetime I have lost and gained in upwards of 200lbs. I was a human yo-yo! Mostly because I, just like most of the American population, bought into the lies and faulty science that calorie restrictive/low-fat “diets” were the heart healthy way to control and maintain bodyweight. Well, after decades of frustration, our country is amidst an obesity epidemic of epic proportions. Armed with an Internet connection, a library card and the research skills that I honed in college, I’ve set out on a personal journey for truth. Thus far, I’ve returned to a healthy weight, reversed my high blood pressure, thrown out my Statins and reversed my sleep apnea and pre -diabetes. As I meticulously race through this journey, I will share with you the truths (and the lies) that I discover on this path. The promise that I make to you: Any claims that I make will be backed up by REAL (documented) science. 

3 responses to “About me”

  1. Thank you for this great article. I gave a speech last week at the Univ Kansas and the week prior to a group of registered dietician in Missouri. and it was almost this presentation to a tee. I had almost the same references and time line as you, including Dr Spock and Hippocrates….. My title was Better Body Biohacking!
    Thank you for the great article. I have share it on my Fb Ask Dr Heather:)
    Have a great day!

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    1. Heather, you make my heart smile! Thank you so much for your comment


  2. Thank you oh thank you for this!!! It’s a gift to the world. I’ve been researching and reading tons on the same subjects but this article sums it up and is so simple and concise. I don’t know of anyone who is on my health mission so I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity to learn and to confirm my lifestyle changes. Thanks a million Tim

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